You are Cold

6:00 pm Sun, 23 Jan 2022
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A socially-underdeveloped man is ecstatic when his one-night stand returns the morning after. He thinks it's round two, but when she doesn’t comply, he pursues her in a terrifying manner.

“You are cold” explores the issue of male education and toxic masculinity. Aryan is a socially underdeveloped man who hasn’t had the right role models in his life and is consequentially, detached from normal social signals. His education is limited to what he finds online, and the culture of toxic masculinity has led him to loneliness, porn and dating apps. This short allows the audience to see a different angle to the “me too” movement, giving insight into female sexual harassment and assault from someone who might carry out such behaviour. This uncomfortable short highlights the need for proper and early education around sex, consent and compassion.

The film will be introduced by Keshav Shree and there will be a chance to ask questions at the end of the film in the Q&A. We will also be showing a teaser for his upcoming film.

Refreshments and drinks will be offered throughout the event at the bar and lounge. Before and after the screening there will be a chance to socialize, network and meet cast and crew. A red carpet with photographs before the event will be rolled out for all our guests for the ultimate movie star experience.

Director: Keshav Shree 

Cast: Evangelina Burton, Keshav Shree

Length: 7 minutes 30 seconds